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Grab my Enhanced Weekly Forecast

Learn how to increase your odds for love and money this week

Backed By Predictions, Based On Science, Powered By Supernatural Intelligence

Grab my Enhanced Weekly Forecast to see your week flourish with love & money.

A few tweaks will set your life in a totally new direction & allow you to create a week you look forward to... You'll receive a step by step outline on exactly what to do this week using the power of supernatural intelligence aka psychic predictions.

You'll get the exact steps to change your behavior, modify your decisions to create a week you'll be looking forward to...

Super steal for $7 !

Who am I & why should you listen to me?

Hey, I'm Vaishali, a concoction of a left-brain engineer and a right brain psychic and a crazy nerd when it comes to predictions. My clients tell me that people would have to go to five to ten psychics to get the amount of information and details they get from me.

After doing over 7000 readings and seeing how the results play out in real life, I've realized that it often comes down to making seemingly small and insignificant decisions that can completely alter the course of your entire week.

Through my Enhanced Weekly Forecast, I'll shed the light on what these decisions are so that you can start seeing them in your field of awareness and know what to do... Even though each decision by itself is insignificant, the Universe will put forward a cascade of events leading you to your destination if you just said yes to a small decision.

In the end, you'll end up altering the course of your week for love and money. Yep, it was just that little thing you said no to...because you didn't even realize there was an opportunity disguised with it.

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Your burning questions answered:

The Enhanced Weekly Forecast is an upgraded version of my free weekly forecast. While the free forecast shows you what will happen to you during the week, this one will show you how you can increase your odds for love and money.

The free weekly forecast is still free...but by upgrading it for just a buck a day, you can find out what to look for to increase your odds for love and money this week...

As soon as you pay the 7 bucks, you'll get it delivered to you by email instantly in your inbox...do allow 15-20 min of processing time for the internet gremlins just in case...

Once you get the pdf delivered in your email, just follow the instructions and keep an eye out for the seemingly insignificant things that pop up in your life this week.

The weekly forecast has been tested for over seven years with my list and people have reported results about the predictions playing out. I use it myself to make some of my own decisions...unless you try it and test it out, you won't really know...

Grab it now for just 7 bucks !

Curious and in !

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